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Do you know that Jesus loves you, doesn’t want you to be sad?

No matter what your circumstances, He can make you glad!

Simply ask Him to come in your heart and wash away all sin;

Then to a great adventure you will surely enter in!


— New Lyrics by Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 6/25/2004

Sing to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas.

Yellow-pink rose

To me, these few words comprise God’s Good News

in condensed form. The Gospel in a nutshell!


Returning from Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier CA, a week after

Evelyn Wyatt’s Farewell Service, where I had lingered for a time of

gratitude for the privilege of serving such a dedicated handmaiden of

the Lord, I stopped at a neighborhood store before returning to the

home from which she had departed just two weeks earlier.

Before I could pick up my purse, the words above sang to The Yellow

Rose of Texas tune, and I quickly jotted them down, lest they flee as

quickly as they had come; the Gospel in a nutshell!


November 24, 2008 - Posted by | General Topic, Inspiring

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